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John Westheimer has deep roots in the Cincinnati area. For over 100 years, the Westheimer family has been an integral part of the business community, and that tradition continues.

John began his career in real estate development and construction 45 years ago, opening Cincinnati Commercial Construction (CCC) with a mission to give customers an excellent experience building their commercial facilities. Through the decades, the business grew to include land development and commercial buildings owned and operated by the company. While John remains involved with CCC, his partners are now handling day-to-day operations while he leads a new organization, Westheimer Real Estate (WRE).

1903: Businessman Irvin F. Westheimer befriends a poor young boy in Cincinnati and the seeds are formed for the beginning of Big Brothers in Cincinnati. By 1923 Big Brothers and Big Sisters Federation is a national charitable organization. 

1916: Eugene F. Westheimer founded the Westheimer Company,  a Cincinnati financial brokerage firm and member of the New York Stock Exchange. 

1962: Irvin F. Westheimer opens new headquarters for Westheimer Company while maintaining branch offices throughout the Midwest. Charles Westheimer and Robert I. Westheimer are officers in the company.

1977: Robert Westheimer becomes President of Cincinnati Community Chest, an umbrella organization that operates multiple agencies.

1979: John Westheimer opens Cincinnati Commercial Contracting to provide clients with ull service commercial construction management and real estate development expertise.

1987: Charles I. Westheimer, John Westheimer’s father, opens Westheimer Investment Services, an investment banking firm. 

1990: Charles and Mary Westheimer established the Westheimer Peace Symposium at Wilmington College, which is now in its 33rd year. 

2011: The Westheimer Gallery in the Sharonville Fine Art Center names for John and Dawn Westheimer to honor their commitment to fine art in the community. 

2023: John Westheimer opens Westheimer Real Estate, focused on land development and property management. 

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